Biosfer Teslab present at the Metabolomics 2022 congress

biosfer Teslab en metabolomics

Biosfer Teslab presents at Metabolomics 2022 The 18th Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society – Metabolomics 2022 took place in Valencia from 19 to 23 June. The event brought together hundreds of scientists from around the world who presented the latest technological and bioinformatics advances in the field of metabolomics, as well as its application […]

Diagnostic tool in infant and newborn health

LactApp y Biosfer Teslab

LactApp On 25th, 26th and 27th May the LactApp Medical Congress took place under the slogan “Scientific evidence as a challenge in breastfeeding”. LactApp is a company specialised in breastfeeding support. To this end, they have developed the first App, called LactApp, dedicated to breastfeeding and maternity that solves doubts in a personalised way. With […]

Biosfer Teslab participates in precision medicine forum


The Precision Medicine Forum In February this year, the Valdecilla Health Research Institute (IDIVAL) launched the “International Precision Medicine Forum“, supported by the ITEMAS platform, the Biobanks and Biomodels platform and the Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology. The forum, with the participation of more than a hundred experts, aims to review, from the point of […]

Metabolomics arrives at “The liver Meeting” comes from Biosfer Teslab

Metabolòmica al the Liver meeting

From 12 to 15 November took place the “The liver Meeting” organised by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD). The mission of the association is to advance and disseminate the science and practice of hepatology, and to promote liver health. This year, Biosfer Teslab, together with OWL Metabolomics, University of Medicine […]

Barça Innovation Hub: Metabolomics at the forefront of elite sport

El equipo de Biosfer Teslab en Sports Tomorrow Congress by Barça Innovation Hub and Allianz

The Barça Innovation Hub (BIHUB) was created four years ago by the FC Barcelona to develop technological advances applied to sport and improve performance at the highest level. This large Barça Laboratory aims to exploit the synergy between sport and technology in order to reach the levels of demand required by the club. To work at […]

Liposcale for early and reliable diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer patients

Liposcale Breast cancer

One of the key features of malignant tumour cells is that their energy metabolism is altered. However, in recent years, alterations in lipid metabolism have been described in some types of cancer. A study led by the team of Dr. Josep Gumà and Dr. Sandra Guaita from the Pere Virgili Health Research Institute (IISPV) and […]

Liposcale in Circulation

Liposcale in Circulation

Frequent consumption of nuts, an important component of plant-based diets, is associated with a 15% reduction in total cardiovascular disease (CVD) and a 23% reduction in CVD mortality. Although small studies have shown that supplementing the diet with nuts has a considerable effect on reducing dietary cholesterol in the short term, there is little information […]

Improvement in the prediction of atheromatous cardiovascular disease using the Liposcale test

malaltia cardiovascular ateromatosa

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have a high burden of atheromatous cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) that is not fully explained by traditional lipid parameters. A study published in the clinical Kidney journal, conducted in patients with chronic kidney disease, reveals that information on lipoprotein composition and subclass particle number using the Liposcale test could improve […]

Biosfer Teslab participates in a video of covid-19 research


Last week, in Biosfer Teslab, we participated in the video made as part of the URVGoals project, which shows different research being carried out at the URV with a common goal: to fight against the pandemic. The video shows eight research projects from all fields showing that the fight against covid-19 is totally transversal. In […]