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Metabolomic services

Comprehensive Metabolic Biomarker Profiling for Researchers. Our metabolomics analysis encompasses inputs from internal and external factors within diverse biological matrices, including but not limited to health, disease, nutrition, pharmacological interventions, and exercise. This approach addresses scientific questions about health and disease comprehensively.
Metabolomic Services
logoLiposcale test

Liposcale® Test

With the Liposcale test, we can gain a deeper understanding of patients’ lipid profiles, identifying not only their overall cholesterol levels but also the specific composition of lipoproteins, such as LDL and HDL, as well as the particle number and their size. This more detailed information allows for a more accurate risk stratification, which, in turn, can lead to more effective prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This represents a significant step forward in improving cardiovascular health outcomes and underscores the importance of personalized medicine in managing heart health.

MetBalance Test

MetBalanceTest is a cutting-edge blood test that integrates NMR analysis, artificial intelligence, and data visualization to assess metabolic status and enhance wellness through personalized precision medicine. This holistic approach considers key elements that influence the metabolic balance and the overall well-being of the individual. It provides a comparison of metabolic age and health status to chronological age, empowering individuals to identify areas for potential health improvement.

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