Cutting edge Technology

Combined metabolomics with data analysis is revolutionizing our understanding of biochemical processes within living organisms.

Metabolomics is capable of identifying and quantifying small molecules (metabolites) within cells, tissues, or organisms, providing valuable insights into metabolic pathways, disease mechanisms, and biomarker discovery.

Coupled with sophisticated data analysis techniques, including machine learning and bioinformatics, researchers can make sense of the vast amount of metabolomics data generated, uncovering new insights into health, disease, and personalized medicine. This synergy between cutting-edge technology and data analysis is propelling metabolomics into a pivotal role in the life sciences, offering exciting opportunities for scientific breakthroughs and improved healthcare outcomes.


Metabolomics is a field of science that focuses on the comprehensive study of small molecules, known as metabolites, within biological systems. These metabolites are the end products of various biochemical processes that occur in cells, tissues, and organisms. Metabolomics aims to identify, quantify, and analyze these metabolites to gain insights into the metabolic pathways and processes that occur within living organisms.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is one of the technologies used for metabolomics studies. It is a cutting-edge and innovative technology, which allows the absolute and simultaneous quantification of dozens of metabolites. NMR is a non-destructive (analyzes an intact sample), quantitative, automatic, robust, reproducible, andhigh-performance technique. Therefore, it allows for the reliable and accurateanalysis of the compounds found in the sample. 

Artificial Intelligence

Our metabolomics approach can be integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) which holds tremendous promise for advancing our knowledge of metabolism, disease, and personalized medicine. AI-driven analytics enhance the efficiency and accuracy of NMR metabolomics research, allowing for more robust discoveries and applications in fields such as healthcare or biomedicine, among others.

Our Added Value

Our metabolomics platform is designed to facilitate the rapid analysis of up to 200 samples per day, with a rigorous validation process conducted within a framework of operational excellence. One of the distinctive attributes of our services is our strong emphasis on data analysis. We play a pivotal role in assisting researchers with the interpretation of the data we generate. Our team consists of dedicated specialists in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, actively engaging in every project to ensure the highest level of scientific rigor and insight.

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