Advanced Lipoproteins and Lipidomic Profile in Plasma Determined by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Before and After Bariatric Surgery

Abstract Background: Obesity is related to cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF) such as dyslipidemia, diabetes, and hypertension, which increase mortality. Basic lipid determinations could underestimate the true atherogenic risk of patients and the impact of bariatric surgery. The objective of the study is to demonstrate the change in the advanced molecular profile of lipoproteins determined by nuclear […]

Early molecular signature of Parkinson and dementia years before the diseases appear

NMR metabolomics could identify altered lipoprotein and protein glycosylation profiles in REM sleep behavior disorder (iRBD), the prodromal stage of Lewy-type synucleinopathies (LTS) -including Parkinson and dementia. NMR showed predictive power distinguishing future clinical outcome, being a useful tool for identifying short-term high-risk patients for conversion to parkinsonism or dementia. Here you can see the […]

We are virtually at the European Arteriosclerosis Society congress

This week the 88th edition of the Congress of the European Arteriosclerosis Society was held in virtual format. The congress has included a large number of basic and clinical research presentations by members of the scientific community. Our research team has participated with the presentation of two Science at a Glance and a poster in […]