Last year we published 19 scientific articles in international journals. We are a metabolomics company halfway between research and clinical practice, a scientific research group in a business environment that is committed to translational research. We carry out scientific collaborations with research groups from universities, research institutions, hospitals and companies in the biomedical sector both nationally and internationally.

As a research group, even within a company, there is a high risk of moving away from the market. That is why we contacted Marco Straccia, founder of FRESCI, an expert in business strategy and scientist, who has encouraged us to get out of our bubble to broaden our gaze towards a global vision. A perspective that he has transmitted to the team in a reflection and joint creation day.

The session was developed leaving the team to reflect on how to reach the main stakeholders, with a creative and open-thinking approach, to gather new ideas; activating our motivation. We have been able to define a series of joint business objectives and design the best way towards the achievement of operation taking into account science and technological capacity, as well as market metrics and indicators.

Biosfer is a multidisciplinary, innovative and highly motivated team: we are very versatile professionals with the aim of professionalizing research, we provide our studies with quality and rigor.

Thanks to our quality and services, which will allow us to analyze more than 50 metabolites at the same time, we have obtained funding in different competitive calls at national level, and last year we launched with a European call. In addition, this year we have submitted for more than 9 research calls both at national and European level.