Biosfer Teslab develops MetBalance Test: an innovative blood test to monitor metabolic health and revolutionize the way you take care of yourself.

Since its foundation in December 2013, Biosfer Teslab has been committed to innovation and constant development. This has allowed the company to advance in the research and characterisation of biofluids and biotissues in biomedical and clinical research environments, being able to offer global NMR metabolomic profiling that includes, in addition to lipoprotein profiling (Liposcale® test), glycoprotein profiling, characterisation of the aqueous plasma metabolome (LMWM) and lipidome characterisation.

Beyond the field of biomedical research, Biosfer Teslab has transformed this information to revolutionize the way health is assessed with the development and launch of a unique and innovative product: MetBalance Test, an innovative blood test that combines advanced molecular profiling based on two cutting-edge technologies; Metabolomic analysis based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Results of metabolic age and metabolic health.

MetBalance Test enables the assessment of metabolic status using personalized precision medicine from a holistic approach and taking into account the main aspects that can affect your metabolic balance and therefore your well-being.

The results are delivered in a detailed report, allowing the evaluation and assessment of the metabolic status. As an additional benefit, MetBalance Test generates explanatory images of the metabolic health and molecular age of the individual, allowing the comparison of these values with the real age and to know in a clear and concise way the need to improve health.

From Biosfer Teslab we are excited about the launch of MetBalance Test because it opens a new path in the evaluation of the metabolic health, serving as a tool for monitoring metabolism and thus motivate to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Parameters included in MetBalance Test.