The Rising Role of Metabolomics in Clinical Trials


The integration of metabolomics into clinical trials is revolutionizing medical research by providing detailed insights into the biochemical changes associated with various diseases and treatments. Metabolomics, the comprehensive study of small molecules (metabolites) in biological samples, is increasingly being used to understand disease mechanisms, identify biomarkers, and evaluate therapeutic responses. A search in the most […]

Uncovering Biomarkers for Optimal Athletic Performance


Metabolomics, an emerging field that studies the metabolites within our bodies, is revolutionizing our understanding of how exercise affects our health and athletic performance by uncovering biomarkers to maximize our athletic performance. One of the main analytical platforms used in metabolomics is nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), which provides a comprehensive view of how physical exercise […]

Cardiovascular Risk in Lupus Patients through NMR


Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease, is closely associated with an elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases, one of the main causes of mortality in these patients. Chronic inflammation and the autoimmune response that characterize lupus not only damage joints and skin but can also significantly affect the cardiovascular system. It accelerates the process of atherosclerosis and […]

NMR: A Look into the Future for Biomedical Research


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has been a key tool in biomedical research and the study of metabolism and metabolic processes for nearly half a century. With its ability to perform metabolic studies, metabolic profiling, and metabolomics in biofluids and tissues, NMR has established itself as one of the most reliable and versatile techniques in the […]

Biosfer Teslab and AM BIOTA: Alliance for Personalized Medicine


In a milestone for scientific advancement, Biosfer Teslab and AM BIOTA announce a unique collaboration to develop a groundbreaking gut -omic test. This project will integrate the cutting edge in metagenomic analysis with metabolomic studies, providing a comprehensive approach that reveals not only the complete profile of the microorganisms present but also their actual functional […]

Neurodegenerative Diseases: Metabolomics to Reveal Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis


On World Parkinson’s Day, it is essential to highlight not only the challenges faced by those diagnosed with this neurodegenerative disease but also to celebrate the scientific advances that open new avenues for early diagnosis and treatment. Among these advances, metabolomics emerges as a promising frontier. It offers a unique window into the inner workings […]

Liposcale Test: Use Cases


Chronic heart failure affects millions of people worldwide, representing one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in modern societies. Traditionally, the treatment and management of this condition have focused on improving symptoms and the quality of life of patients. However, recent advances in medical research are opening new avenues to address the underlying […]

Understanding the Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Dyslipidemia and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction


The prevalence of obesity and its associated health risks, notably cardiovascular risk (CVD), is a global health concern. The interplay between obesity and cardiovascular diseases constitutes a complex health dilemma, with dyslipidemia acting as a pivotal contributor to the heightened cardiovascular risk observed in obese individuals. Dyslipidemia, characterized by an adverse lipid profile that typically […]

Biosfer Teslab at the forefront of NMR sample analysis


At Biosfer Teslab, we specialize in NMR sample analysis (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). This revolutionary technology enables thorough examination of a wide range of biological samples, providing valuable insights into metabolic profiles and opening new doors in research, diagnosis, and personalized medicine. Serum and plasma analysis. This process offers crucial information about the general metabolic state […]

Breakthrough in Mediterranean Diet Research for Metabolic Syndrome Patients


A recent study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, provides significant evidence on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet combined with physical activity for patients with metabolic syndrome. Led by a team of experts including Beatriz Candás-Estébanez, Bárbara Fernández-Cidón, Emili Corbella, Cristian Tebé, Marta Fanlo-Maresma, Virginia Esteve-Luque, Jordi Salas-Salvadó, Montserrat Fitó, Antoni Riera-Mestre, […]