In a milestone for scientific advancement, Biosfer Teslab and AM BIOTA announce a unique collaboration to develop a groundbreaking gut -omic test. This project will integrate the cutting edge in metagenomic analysis with metabolomic studies, providing a comprehensive approach that reveals not only the complete profile of the microorganisms present but also their actual functional state. This joint effort promises to transform the understanding and management of gut health, opening new avenues for personalized medicine.

With a solid reputation in metabolomic science, Biosfer Teslab brings to the project its advanced capability to analyze metabolites in biological samples. This specialization allows a detailed understanding of the biochemical processes occurring in the body, offering crucial insights into health and disease.

AM BIOTA, with its innovative approach to microbiome analysis, uses the most advanced third-generation technology along with the highest computational capabilities to provide the real state of the gut microbiota, thereby offering personalized nutritional advice that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

By combining both sciences, this collaboration is setting a new standard in healthcare, focusing on prevention and the personalization of treatment.

This joint effort between Biosfer Teslab and AM BIOTA reflects a shared commitment to innovation and human well-being. By joining forces, we are leading the way to a future where healthcare is more predictive, preventive, and personalized. We eagerly look forward to the fruits of this collaboration and the advances it will bring to medical science in the field of health and wellness!