Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) metabolomics emerges as a promising tool in HIV research due to its ability to provide a detailed insight into molecular changes in the body. By studying metabolomic profiles in individuals affected by HIV, NMR enables the identification of specific metabolic alterations associated with the infection.

This approach not only facilitates the early detection of distinctive metabolic markers in the context of HIV but also contributes to understanding the complex interactions between the virus and host metabolism. Furthermore, NMR metabolomics can play a key role in identifying potential biomarkers to assess disease progression, the efficacy of antiretroviral treatments, and the impact of comorbidities.

By comprehensively analyzing changes in specific metabolites, NMR metabolomics offers a valuable tool to delve into the understanding of underlying mechanisms of HIV infection. This approach not only has the potential to enhance monitoring and clinical management of affected individuals but could also contribute to the development of more precise and personalized therapeutic strategies in the fight against HIV.

At Biosfer Teslab, we are committed to scientific research, supported by a extensive track record of scientific publications. Among them are studies on HIV, where we employ metabolomics through NMR with various objectives: encompassing the evaluation of quantifiable biomarkers by NMR to understand disease prognosis [1,2], and the investigation of the role played by glycoproteins as inflammatory markers in different disease conditions [3].

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