Biosfer Teslab joins the charity run ‘Lliga’t a la Vida’

In an effort to contribute to the fight against cancer, Biosfer Teslab has actively participated in ‘Lliga’t a la Vida’. An exciting charity run that aims to raise funds and bring visibility to this devastating disease.

‘Lliga’t a la Vida-Trail’ was born with the enthusiasm of merging a love for sports with solidarity. In collaboration with the Cancer League of Tarragona and Terres de l’Ebre. The project presents a sports challenge driven by a charitable purpose to raise funds for various projects of the Cancer League. Established in 1993, the La Lliga Contra el Càncer is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with the overarching goal of undertaking activities that improve cancer control and prevention in the population Ultimately aiming to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients in the province of Tarragona and their families. These projects encompass diverse areas such as psychological, emotional, social, and economic support, health promotion, prevention, physical rehabilitation, promotion of sports as a means of recovery after cancer treatments, and research.

During the event, Biosfer Teslab not only stood out for its support of the cause but also took the opportunity to conduct a pioneering clinical trial. Two teams of brave athletes joined the initiative, becoming key participants in this innovative study.

The highlight of this clinical trial was the monitoring of the advanced molecular profile of athletes before, during, and after the race using nuclear magnetic resonance metabolomic technology for biofluids. This cutting-edge approach allowed researchers at Biosfer Teslab to obtain valuable information associated with the molecular response of the body during intense physical activity. The results of this study could not only contribute to understanding the impact of exercise on health, but also open new avenues in cancer-related research.

“We are committed not only to advancing medical technology but also to promoting health and well-being in the community. Participating in ‘Lliga’t a la Vida’ provided us with the opportunity to join forces with society in the fight against cancer and, at the same time, explore new frontiers in clinical research.” said Dr. Núria Amigó, CEO of Biosfer Teslab.

Advanced molecular characterization was performed in capillary blood. A minimally invasive system that allows blood to be obtained anywhere without the need for venous puncture.

The analysis of the molecular response to exercise allows optimizing the type of training to improve performance, minimize inflammatory impact, and evaluate metabolic adaptation. This is done by monitoring the athlete’s energy metabolism based on access to dozens of molecules in response to a specific exercise exposure (commented Dr. Sara Samino).

The company hopes that the results of this clinical trial will not only benefit medical research and enhance the societal benefits of exercise but also emphasize the importance of events like ‘Lliga’t a la Vida’. They raise awareness about cancer and fundraising to support those affected by this disease. 

That day ended with a beautiful musical performance by the Estrip Band. Led by Dr. Josep Gumà, director of the Oncology Institute of Catalonia Sud (Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus), who is also a saxophonist.