At Biosfer Teslab, we specialize in NMR sample analysis (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). This revolutionary technology enables thorough examination of a wide range of biological samples, providing valuable insights into metabolic profiles and opening new doors in research, diagnosis, and personalized medicine.

Serum and plasma analysis. This process offers crucial information about the general metabolic state of the body. By performing a simple dilution of the sample, we can quantify over 50 metabolites. This allows for the evaluation of various parameters such as lipoproteins, inflammatory markers, amino acids, energy metabolism metabolites, ketone bodies, and the composition of different lipid families. These data are essential for diagnosing and managing metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

Urine and stool analysis. Plays a fundamental role in evaluating metabolic health and the body’s waste elimination process. These easily obtainable biological samples are exceptional for disease detection or screening.

In urine analysis, key markers of kidney function, various amino acids, indicators of dietary intake, and microbial metabolism are identified. These invaluable data help assess renal health, nutrition, and overall metabolic activity. In stool analysis, short-chain fatty acids, amino acids, dietary intake indicators, and microbial metabolism are detected, reflecting the interaction between gut microbiota, diet, and the body’s metabolism. Additionally, further analysis of the same fecal sample can provide detailed information on lipid families, enriching the metabolic evaluation.

Cell culture and tissue biopsy analysis. This advanced method allows for an in-depth study of local metabolic alterations by quantifying an extensive range of metabolites. Using molecular extraction with organic solvents, we can reveal complex metabolic pathways. This analysis is crucial for scientific research and the development of new pharmacological strategies and personalized medicine. Including lipidomic analysis in tissue and cell samples enhances our understanding of metabolism, exploring its influence on health and disease.

Additionally, we offer our analysis services for various types of biological matrices, such as thrombi, breast milk, cerebrospinal fluid, and other biological samples. Our expertise extends to a wide range of biological samples, ensuring comprehensive NMR sample analysis.

At Biosfer Teslab, we revolutionize metabolomic analysis through advanced NMR techniques, providing insights into metabolic pathways in different types of biological samples. Our comprehensive approach reveals the complexities of metabolism in an organism, driving innovation in diagnostics, therapeutics, and biomedical research.

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