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Who is it for?

Our services are aimed at universities, research centers, health professionals, pharmaceutical companies, food companies, and clinical analysis laboratories that develop their activity in the field of metabolic diseases. The applications of our services are diverse:

Figure 1. Applications

We are an innovative company, specialized in nuclear magnetic resonance, and we seek to provide the best service to our customers. For this reason, we continuously seek partners for national and international projects for the investigation of new markers, analytical methods, new matrices and new treatments that promote the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders in a more careful and accurate way. the purpose of advancing knowledge and improving the health of people.

The services offered by Biosfer Teslab are:

  • The Liposcale ® test
  • LMWM profiling: Characterization of low molecular weight metabolites in intact serum
  • Glycoprotein test in intact serum
  • Lipidomics of serum, cell cultures and tissues (both animals and humans).
  • Characterization of aqueous metabolites in cell cultures, culture media, feces, urine and both animal and human tissues

These services can range from the beginning of the study (description of objectives, dimension and characteristics of the samples, metabolic design) to the end (data processing and interpretation), obtaining useful, meaningful results that help the progress of research Ours contributors.