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Our added value

We are scientists experts in nuclear magnetic resonance and bioinformatics. We understand that each experiment is unique and therefore we attend to our clients in a personalized way, both the questions and doubts that may arise from the beginning of the experiment to the publication of the results. We have great experience collaborating with different research groups in a wide range of pathologies as our publications show.

Nuclear magnetic resonance is a high throughput technique. We work constantly to reduce analysis time in order to offer competitive prices. In this way, the client benefits from our innovation and we can offer an affordable tool for research projects.

In addition, we offer customization of statistical analysis, which can include from descriptive analysis, univariate analysis, multivariate analysis, to correlation analysis, predictive models, pattern recognition or epidemiological studies. In order to help the client in the interpretation of the results, we can also perform custom graphic design, differentiating us from a classic analysis service.